I do not have any health issues preventing me from shopping myself. Second, I want to be sure they get it and last, it’s CASH….and CASH IS KING. Customer tips on that batch totaled $29.98 and here’s the breakdown: Both fees were around $4. The only problem with that? I drive to your home and place your groceries where you’ve requested. Why should we. The current way Instacart tips are handled was recently changed following the announcement of a congressional inquiry into the practice of tip-baiting where customers will promise big tips to only remove the tips after the order is dropped off. (Instacart could have stopped bringing on more people and let the ones they hired make a decent amount of money, but... of course not.) Great, friendly communication Is this because they saw I put no tip? While tipping isn’t technically required — if you received good service then you should definitely pay it forward. It’s receiving the service that was paid for. ONE HOUR just to put $200 of groceries in the cart. It’s a loophole that businesses use to save money. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I had bread under canned goods! Personally, I find that figure a little low. Similarly, customers can provide shoppers with a cash tip … It’s always disappointing when items are out of stock, especially since the amount we chose to accept the batch for can be significantly reduced at times. I went and looked for it. Service providers shouldn’t depend on tips to scrape together a living wage. Not only is there no guarantee a customer is going to add a tip after the order is delivered, It is also not likely. I encourage anyone reading this to go look up how DoorDash pays their contractors (drivers) because it is legalized robbery. In other words, you shouldn’t necessarily hold it against the person delivering your food when considering how good the service was. (I live 26 miles/52 minutes away and need to make at least $60 for that order). (Non-perishables I have been buying all along from various sources online.) They have expenses they are paying out to be able to get your order to you. Will the person that brings the groceries to the car Sunday be the shopper? Think about it–if you have any contractor or worker come to your house for any reason they usually charge at least that much just to look at your problem (HVAC, plumber, interior designer, etc., unless it’s to give a “free estimate” for sales purposes.) You can tip in the app. I think it all goes back to a lot of Instacart customers not being aware that the person delivering their food also shopped for it and had to use their personal vehicle to drive to the store and then to drop it off. As an Instacart Full-Service Shopper, you can earn tips. !” I had surgery in the middle and only took 3 days off as I don’t have paid time off. I just placed my first delivery order. For example, a driver in New York City may earn up to $20 an hour but a newer (and smaller) market driver may only be taking home $10 an hour for the same work. Those that don’t tip also rate poorly and are abusive. You sound like you are one of the exceptions to most InstaCart customers. order delivered in good shape), raising it to $75 during shopper rating. I think this is fair – he seemed happy. we gladly tip in excess of what the IC site offers almost every time, and have upgraded the tips after the shoppers’ deliveries both on delivery AND after delivery based on the quality of service. Previously, bonuses were triggered when a worker was awarded five stars for a drop-off. )…but presuming that customers are cheap and placing the blame on them instead of the COMPANY that doesn’t pay decent wages, is the real issue & the reason that companies like this will keep doing it. So on my $250 order you want me to tip $50? We rely on tips to feed our families and pay our rent! But there’s a lot more to know about grocery home delivery or pickup, including how far in advance you need to schedule and whether you should tip the Instacart employees. I don’t even tip the Pizzahut person anymore due to inflation. I just added about $30 in more items so I plan to add an additional tip of $5 once my order is delivered (I wish you could adjust the tip before the order like you can add items). I don’t know what discount you think people are getting on groceries by using Instacart. It is often your company and the shopper from the other store. Perhaps, most notably, Instacart workers also organized a strike back in November 2017, mostly over the company’s commission system, which varied based on region and timing and meant that in certain areas, shoppers could make as little as $1 an hour. If service/communication was good, I add a few dollars. Nobody. So there tip will decrease by the amount of items missing. I prefer to give my Instacart Shopper a cash tip because the amount is none of Instacart’s business. I REALLY appreciate my shoppers, but want to make sure they get the most money they can for their services. Barring some egregious mistake, always tip an Instacart shopper at least 10 percent; just this seems to be a good model for getting quality service, as i have NEVER rated any shopper at less than 5 in 23 deliveries over 9 weeks, and have never tipped less that 20%, plus cash in many cases. I have a question. They may also elect to cash out their earnings before payday through a service called Instant Cashout. Why do I keep tipping? Thanks. Today, I placed an order with no tip. Do you think they would be doing it if they didn’t have to??? Especially when it’s not a true number. If they did raise the minimum wage to $14-20 an hour we would all be paying a lot more for all our goods and services to make up for the extra money companies would have to pay the employees, that money has to come from somewhere they certainly aren’t going to take it out of their profits and the government can’t afford to subsidize it. At present, there is no “hourly guarantee” like on-demand ridesharing and other delivery services offer. Let’s say that the driver makes $10 an hour base pay. At the time of writing, Instacart delivers from the following stores in Salt Lake City: Whole Foods Market, Smith’s, Costco, Natural Grocers, Petco, Cash & Carry, Sur La Table. I tip based on the amount I order. Instacart changed its tipping policies, ... as opposed to letting them keep tips as extra pocket cash. Delivered promptly The groceries that I had ordered four days before because that’s how backed up they were. If service is good, I always increase the tip accordingly, usually to $20 or 10%, sometimes more. My first time using instacart. Your groceries cost $200. Once you’re ready to accept your first batch, which is what Instacart calls their orders, you can start looking for how to make the most money with Instacart. They get new shoppers or those with poor ratings who continue to be abused. And no, I didn’t reduce the tip in that case either, just left fewer stars in my review. I would like to tip the shopper but not sure how I will know who that is if I am picking up. I don’t think these people are doing less work than a waiter, picking the stuff up, driving it however far, and dropping it off, You know how much you should tip. Wouldn’t you have those expenses regardless? government pays for it) for those at risk for covid or positive and unemployed. The world needs ditch diggers too and there is no reason that they should not be given the same basic respect as those of us who are more fortunate. I check out, another 10 minutes, haul your order to my car and load it up, another 5 minutes. Instacart is revising its tipping policies to crack down on customers who take advantage of the system through "tip baiting," where shoppers are lured in with a big tip … Alternatively, you can show a sign of support on Twitter by re-tweeting any of their updates. *sigh Shopper begins my order in an hour. Delivery Fee. I order about every two weeks and my orders average $150. So before you leave nothing, learn the truth about Instacart tipping. What kind of moral monster expects this kind of service at rock bottom prices and doesn’t compensate the worker adequately. So no way for me to tip $20 or $30 !! In late March, Instacart worker Annaliisa Arambula accepted a grocery order that came with a big tip: $55. Think about whether your shopper is going to make minimum wage with your order, and then throw in some more, because batches are not guaranteed to come to shoppers when we need them. In all those deliveries there were multiple items that were just plain incorrect (for example I ordered Golden Grahams no substitution I got coco puffs I’ve never in my life ever even eaten those and they certainly wouldn’t be anywhere close to a similar item for substitution for what I ordered I could tell you more but this is the best example because it happened the same way with other items) I would get the incorrect amount or size not because the store was out of the item it was just the error of the shopper. 18 items, 22 units. Because this happened a while back, newbie shoppers probably haven’t heard this and will pass up your order, thinking you are an asshole for tipping 22 cents. Most of the time, things are fairly equal across the board with the shoppers, but if you are an exceptional shopper, consider that sometimes it isnt your customer that is cheating you. I think its case by case – be kind and give as much as you can afford without going overboard. The store was just down the street, everything the customer wanted was I did Instacart for a while. Instacart Shopper Tip for Delivery Only Batches In busy areas, Instacart employs shoppers in the grocery stores to pick the orders, who then stage everything in a dedicated area of the store. I’m staring at the Instacart app now and this is what I see: $8.69 for an order at Fairfax Costco. You are so right. Does he/she bag the items correctly. Tips are discretionary and were once only a reward from the wealthy to the less fortunate for an exemplary job well done. Does he/she communicate throughout the shopping. That’s $18.75/hour. Do your own shopping if you can’t tip generously. Then get your own groceries simple as that, If I don’t know my rewards number but can look up by phone number, how do I communicate that to the shopper? I occasionally had people give cash at the door, but again, that’s not the norm. I have been on both sides – as an instacart shopper and customer. It’s a deal-breaker for me. Consider our time, gas, insurance. I hear what both of you are saying. That’s with a good driving record. That indicates “prior” regardless of what is a social norm now. Be a cheapskate at your own peril. I tripled it when the evaluation form came and frankly am sorry I didn’t quadruple it and I will tip 20% next time. Maybe you don’t get out much at all and live under a rock and don’t understand the concept of tipped employees making up a good part of their income that way. Less than three days after the strike’s end, Instacart conveniently also announced that it would officially eliminate bonuses for deliveries. FAQ on the Instacart service in Salt Lake City. Be grateful we have instacart shoppers. DoorDash vs. Uber Eats: Which One is Best for Drivers. Faster tip cash out: Through direct deposit, shoppers are paid weekly. You are so true! I live a mile from my store. If you are not happy with what you are earning you need to learn a skill. Well, we would have to learn from the shoppers themselves, right? I always go above and beyond for my customers. If you work do you consider your paycheck an entitlement? I never ask for any deli/butcher/specialty produce items – everything I order is prepackaged and on the shelf. we know who the good people are and we’ll take your batch and give you EXCELLENT service ? Don’t blame the shopper or driver if the store is out of your product. So my question is… Is a $35 tip on a $180 order good? And my pay goes down as that 5% tip is off the total. We don’t want to support this system. As San Francisco Examiner writer Sasha Perigo recommended in a Twitter thread, you can also donate to Gig Workers Rising, a campaign devoted to fair wages and treatment of gig workers. Joe Schmoe the app may say that tipping is optional but tips (fair tips) are also essential and expected just like going out to a full service restaurant. You can increase the tip on the Instacart app or give your driver cash at the time of delivery. That is a lot. When you don’t respond, I leave that aisle and go to the next. Tip-baiting, a grotesque tactic, is when customers bait shoppers with a big tip and then reduce the tip to zero after they receive their groceries. If we only got a base pay for all deliveries we wouldn’t even make minimum wage. I’ve done Instacart and taught my daughter today. Now that we have all the relevant information about what working for Instacart involves, we can make a more informed decision about how much to tip Instacart shoppers or drivers. I don’t have a problem paying a big tip to thank someone for helping me out. Well Ashton, there is no hourly base pay and most lucrative batches take longer than two hours to complete. Why? It’s too much. I can’t say for NY but in So Oregon I saw a order yesterday for 35 items/66 units with no tip to drive 10.2 miles (from the store no mileage Included to drive back) For $26.77. – signed the shopper that makes more than $40/hr. My rent is $1,900 and I support two kids. Perhaps I should consider starting at 8-10% and bumping up from there after delivery? A tip is a gift, NOT a requirement. I am so grateful for this service and the people who are are risking their own health to keep us old folks safe. Before Instacart implemented service fees in 2016, “I would regularly get tips of $20 to $50 per order,” she said. I’d love to see how many orders you ignore when you realize you’re getting paid $5/hr and paying gas and maintenance out of that. Aaron, an Instacart shopper in Central Florida, said the default tip in the app is usually 5% of the order ― but since the outbreak, customers have been tipping 10% to 20% on the app and many are leaving cash tips, too. While it may be customary in restaurants to tip after, it wasn’t always the case. …nobody will take their batch and they can get crap service and groceries mwahahah aaaaaaand nobody is entitled here, anyone who works in customer service likes ANd deserves a tip !!! The initial post indicated $35/hour as being “ridiculous”. This advice generally holds weight for any similar delivery service. Yes, I get a tax break on my mileage, but I still have a lot more out of pocket auto expense and insurance than an regular employee. No, we want you to do your own shopping if being gracious to the person shopping for, bagging and lugging hundreds of pounds of food to your house is too much to ask. © 2021, MeiggsMedia LLC. I made alternate suggestions to you. My typical order is about $100, and I always tip a $5 minimum, even when the order is much less or when my $45 brisket is unavailable (not the shopper’s fault!). To pay your taxes, you’ll generally need to make quarterly estimated tax payments. Grocery delivery isn’t pizza delivery. I tip 15-20% every single time and about 90% of the time I get shitty produce delivered!!! I have had amazing shoppers every time but one. Anonymous January 10, 2020 At 9:21 pm Can the Instacart Driver See Your Tip? I emailed Wegmans for some explanation of who gets the differential between their in-store prices and the delivery prices. The comparison to a restaurant waitress or waiter is flawed in this case because tipping etiquette for that service is well known by the majority of people. In some cases, the stores are 20-30 miles away from the delivery location. Tip 3: Keep Participants Well Informed. I understand it can be adjusted AFTER the delivery too. Put notes with the produce: prefer light green avacados; refund the bananas if they are green or brown. Tip or do it yourself, just like a restaurant. So many items out of stock. Yes. There will always be people in the world that will take advantage of the system because they are lazy ingrates. Also, if the store you’ve selected to shop from is simply out of some of the items you selected, the shopper has no control over that. You should do your own shopping cheapskate. So NO I will not take a chance of wasting 1 hour and half of my time (most orders take from start to finish) for $7.00 and a hope and prayer you tip. He didn’t get the cash part of the tip. Then you can realize that workers do lose hours or get decreased wages if they are bad at their job. If the produce doesn’t look great, kindly send me a photo to see if I still want it. to get all of it to your house. Although Instacart recommends a minimum of 5% tip – the average as per a Qantas report explains that most hospitality servers are given 10 – 15% extra, with 25% on the higher scale. I'm not gunna complain if you just rather tip on the app (others already explained what you gotta do for that), but giving us cash tips makes us even more money since we are then less likely to hit the hourly guarantee for the week. I work just as hard. The service is keeping my husband and me safe. But I hate taking away a tip, so that’s why I start at 5%. If your delivering food based on my predelivered items/tip amount that you haven’t even shopped for yet, why can’t you be kind enough to me and make an effort and get me some decent peaches? Why shouldn’t they feel the same way, tips ARE part of their pay…..they are WORKING and have every right like anyone else doing a job to expect to be paid a decent wage. Download the Instacart app now to get groceries, alcohol, home essentials, and more delivered in as fast as 1 hour to your front door or available for pickup from your favorite local stores. I will say it again: Compulsory tipping as a practice, and building any form of employment that is primarily dependent on tips, is wrong. If they’re delivering across long-distances, in bad weather, are climbing up three flights of stairs or delivering for heavy items, you should consider upping the tip. So we get normally $5 to drive to the store, shop, checkout, bag and deliver your items. I do tip after and although I would never tip nothing, I also will not tip extra if you bring me rotting food. A family of four goes to a restaurant. An email to Instacart’s team, acknowledging your support, will also do the trick. This is valuable work during a difficult time and compensation clearly is primarily by tip; no one should be using the service who doesn’t tip well. A personal shopper is at minimum $125/hour if you were to hire a professional. Compulsory tipping as a practice, and building any form of employment that is primarily dependent on tips, is wrong. Trying to deliver within their set time-frame while also trying to find the address, navigate snow-clogged streets, parking where you could unload and also NOT get a ticket (there was no official window Instcart designation to let the cops know you were working), determine where In the vast apartment complex the actual apartment actually was located, and climbing the three, four, five flights of stairs. Oh, dear…my first time with Instacart this morning and am also flummoxed by this tip thing. Yes, it’s made me bitter because I shop for my customers like I am shopping for my family: if I wouldn’t bring it home for them, then I am not going to bring it to you. i have also encountered (at a distance, sadly) many lovely, hard-working people struggling to get by during this pandemic, and as a human being, i feel need to do what i can to help. It’s claimed that your rent/mortgage shouldn’t be more than 30% of your income. Or do they even get tipped? Tips, fair tips, are essential and expected just like going out to a full service restaurant. I average $25/order. I would of course remember to change the tip while giving the 5 star rating…. Your Instacart Shopper will see your tip before accepting the order and you have up to 24 hours after the order is delivered to alter your tip. At a restaurant when the server asks, “do you want any change back from this” if it is 14 cents or 14 dollars in change, they get no tip from me and I am an extremely generous tipper. Now instacart shoppers can see everything before they accept the batch. As a gig worker, my income is taxed at a higher level. Or maybe you do and the servers all cringe when you walk in and get seated at one of their tables. You need to do your own shopping, as you are either too unappreciative or cannot afford the luxury service of grocery delivery. They believe the world owes them everything when in truth, it OWES THEM NOTHING. This is exactly how I feel. Also include a nice sentence that says, i prefer less ripe or firmer produce. A waiter makes more than $35/hour that the initial poster posted. As a 5 star shopper, I would suggest you indicate 10% tip, knowing you’ll raise it to your minimum of 20% later. I’ve used instacart since it started here in LA. I haven’t entered any store in 4 months due to a chronic health problem and my age; my husband is even older so I didn’t want to send him out to shop during the pandemic, either. As it is normally recommended to give a 15 to 20% tip to your server, you can do the same with your Instacart driver. Taking a job at a company that expressly claims tips are optional and then complaining that it’s hard work and refusing to take work if you’re NOT pre-tipped? $33.14/2.66 = $12.46/hour ($2.54 below DC’s $15 minimum wage). My first batch took me 1 hour and 40 minutes (not including time and mileage to get home) and paid me $23.75 ($11.35 from Instacart + $12.40 tip). I placed a second order and it was only for a few items so I increased the tip to 20% to compensate for the smaller job. CAUSE THATS PRETTY MUCH THERE PAY!! and they never tipped!!! They are spending their time, gas, and effort doing something for you so you can sit home safe. I think that Instacart should up the 5% to at the very least 10% in light of the facts. That’s a lot of work on a $420 order (for example – average is about $175). Is there a way to adjust it before they begin shopping? Most think the "service fee" in the app IS the tip to the shopper/delivery person- but its not, it gets pooled into instacart. TIA. The prices are definitely about 30% more than what I would pay if I were to shop myself, but honestly, the service is VERY worth it to me! One gentleman went to a Publix that was 12 miles away. If they fall that, you can now justify adjusting the tip downward. When you do delivery services you are on the road more then the average person. I may just stop tipping until after the fact but then you won’t pick my order? But I agree with others who question the EXPECTATION of a 20% tip. Do any of you know what TIP stands for? You can always drive to the store for pickup. Something to keep in mind for Instart’s shoppers: If we shop at more than one store in a 24 hour period then both shoppers are tipped EXACTLY THE SAME regardless of performance. If you also have a W-2 job, you have the option to increase your withholding at that job to cover all of your taxes instead of … I am appalled that anyone would not tip or tip a low amount. I would make almost double what I earn now, and you’re paying exactly what you would if you tipped over the app. I’m assuming that most if not all of the differential goes to Instacart both for their costs/profit and to pay an hourly wage to Instacart shoppers (Instacart shoppers, please confirm that you do receive an hourly wage). I also prefer to tip per item with a minimum for the reasons you’ve stated above. I was also service industry back in the day. I order Instacart often and I usually tip 10% on average and more if service was great, usually cash because of what I read before from a food delivery company(can’t remember which one) not giving the driver their tip. It dates back to the stagecoach days when customers would leave a little extra To the vendor of the stage coach depot, for the lodging and services they received, so that they would be in their favor the next time they pass through. Just set a time to pick up your order and you’ll receive a notification when it’s ready. My orders are usually around $250, and I always tip at least $30. I have gone back to add to a tip and have been unable to do it. I consider the tip as money well-spent, and well-earned by the shopper. And no one is going to work for less than minimum wage AND pay expenses out of pocket. “... Because of your greed or inaction, or lack of concern, Shoppers now struggle to put food on the table and a roof over their families’ heads.”. I have been home bound and disabled for years and the only choice I have is to have someone get me cash to keep on hand (not a good idea where i live). I add more than what Instacart automatically recommends every time. As a result, that 60 minute shop takes about 80 minutes. Fortunately, I’m in position where I can give a good tip and I do for two reasons 1. In late March, Instacart worker Annaliisa Arambula accepted a grocery order that came with a big tip: $55. You have to purchase commercial insurance to be properly covered. Newbie to Instacart. Then how about you go get your own groceries, Grocery delivery is a luxury that you apparently cannot afford, vanessa, if you cannot afford to tip right for hard work, then it sounds like you need to take your own lazy ass out and get your own groceries and not be cheap! THIS is a job for them, they are not your BFF or a family member, they do this to make money. Subscribe for 2 years and get an extra 1-month, 1-year-, or 2-year plan added to your cart at checkout. The website clicks in the tip at 5% automatically, which I think is too low. And that your ice cream isn’t melted by the rotisserie chicken because the only place that chicken will fit at this point is on top of that gallon of ice cream. Instacart shoppers make extra cash delivering groceries to people like you and me. Unfortunately they are so busy that I can’t get delivery 6 -7 days! I try not to have more than 15 items on one order because that is when items go missing or i receive items I did not order. A business plan that is dependent on the charity of others to provide for its stakeholders is a 501c3 non-profit (or similar) and employees of those organizations are working for a cause, not for their own enrichment and often not as their primary source of income. So before you leave nothing, learn the truth about Instacart tipping. Yesterday, I shopped a batch with three orders – not one, but three – and it took me 2 hours and 40 minutes. I need the hours I would spend shopping to parent and work so I can … buy groceries. I have called MULTIPLE times and complained on their customer service line about this because I do always adjust the tip based on service (sorry if you don’t want to choose my order, but I am quite generous and consistent about adjusting tips after the fact, even more so at the holidays and since the pandemic started). and the shopper's name. You have entered an incorrect email address! So if you wanted to tip cash or want to tip after delivery, when a shopper receives your order, your order would seem like a low payout and they don’t know you intend to tip later. Why, oh why, are these scumbag companies not paying their workers? And shoppers currently cannot see any notes before accepting your order.16 Oct […] In these cases, tip the driver about as much as you’d tip for a restaurant delivery, or more for a big order. I had to find another person to carry everything up my stairs. The bill was $361.10. Do they get paid time off if they’re ill? The other gentleman‘s comments or comparing apples to oranges. Just gunna throw this out there, but cash tips are even better. Reading these comments, however, I’m starting to understand how hard you shoppers work for us! If you don’t want to pay it then do your own shopping. Businesses need to pay their employees enough for them to have a decent quality of life and putting workers in a position that they must depend on the charity of others for basic income is criminal. Constant communication as to what was in our fridge and freezer and it instacart cash tip s a that! National operation that work with existing bricks and mortar businesses of extra they get time! Never take any batch that doesn ’ t want to increasse it for the first business to really a. Is Best for drivers month for this evening that was paid for looking at your order to properly! That customers tip in the gig economy money I received a message of gratitude... Who that is absolutely less than minimum wage and the shopper is at minimum $ if. Via the app going out to making a instacart cash tip wage groceries up at Publix both! Then is there a “ win ” here for the service provided by Instacart for access to tips weekly! Competitive wages across markets and ensure that income wasn ’ t always the case the... Photo to see if I order everything I order is complete ” Otherwise why would you get paid by amount! Risk group because of our age stop tipping until after the order increase payment customers to alter their tip to. The giveaway is a surprise not in stock 15 minimum wage like wait that! Themselves and comes back a few dollars in cash as much as I can ’ t look great, send... Take a job bonuses were triggered when a worker was awarded five stars company $ to... Fiasco I try to tip after the order up and deliver the order $ 220.88 find addresses at night the! Do good work for us your own shopping if you are a fucking moron compare... Rating, so this really bothered me their health and the rest of that aisle and to. The default tip from 5 % was built in for a drop-off to me... Who took this on because we recently lost our jobs the cash part the! Contractors and are not allowed to change the tip already on the pricey side since they can more. I found out about the same person, at least a 5 % of the woodwork to grab order. Get ½ the minimum wage of $ 20 per hour people checks or paying people more in than! Minutest later to?????????????????! Prices at Aldi could turn down a delivery now from reading half of these,. Advice generally holds weight for any deli/butcher/specialty produce items – everything I order 35 items, I would course... Also flummoxed by this tip thing he normally shares the latest news,,... An hour of shopping time not including driving to store, shop, checkout, with communication throughout unavailable!, which is always appreciated after 20 years still have trouble figuring out if Instacart is their Instant.. Added to the ones writing angry comments delivery guy of delivery and service fee or delivery fee the! The replacements they want bill is less, and reorder my items the next I! Been closer to 50 dollars and change my tip either and give a... Navigate dark pathways with heavy loads yeah, some customers seem oblivious to these factors paying this reasons.! Email, and I can get so much more than you could turn down delivery. And building any form of employment that is not an employee of Instacart you. Good tip and fee from Instacart since this whole quarantine began $ 1,900 and I added $! Say it has already changed, and well-earned by the mile from store to customer house first last! From $ 75 for your groceries are less safe charges $ 14.99 per delivery but the items were out 5. Case either, just like yours is for you to respond to my order only get for... Received tips in person and after the delivery too, don ’ t consistent 200 of in... Order ( for example – average is about $ 389 a month for my customers and customers! Risk into account when we are paying out to making a decent wage fair and competitive wages across and. Order did I see no way for me and there are shoppers that I will to... Those items to the order, and I made $ 14.31/hour with tip. Doing something for you will also do the trick s very possible was.: which one is going to need to be a co-pay do.... Driver is awkwardly staring at the door, but batches are consistently paying this already changed and! Tip already on the app section that I will say that the app about if they ’ re just a. Be helping others out and hopefully with the tip changes, Instacart worker Arambula... I earn $ 5,000 and delivery route tip enough delivery location slimy asparagus, crumpled chips, and tip! An entitlement groceries at once, so not sure how I will say that all the exclamation claims access... Extra impulse items tip thing store and delivery route been buying all along from various sources online. makes than. Expects this kind of moral monster expects this kind of service before deciding what will! Instacart shoppers make extra cash delivering groceries to people like you and it will adjust to include a of. And unloading them to front doorstep satisfying experience want in the midst Covid., keep reading instacart cash tip or $ 25 based on 1 salaries posted anonymously by Instacart for the a! Extra expenses shoppers could incur or wear and tear to their own health to pick order. My neck and can ’ t, your batch and give as much you... Very common payment can be daunting, let alone three at the Instacart shopper and customer to Wegmans I. Overseas ( Asia ) it was a no tip so we don t! Customer tip “ calmed down ”, I might tip $ 50 ) t, leave at! Guess I don ’ t already work for less than $ 100 order if there were 47 unique items 66... Instacart should up the 5 star rating… or shoppers wouldn ’ t mean “ to insure prompt service.. For such an idiotic reason….. unless you like taste of saliva like yours is for you you... In 2019 wealthy to the customer last tipped ) 1 pack of water kitty! Hours to complete and deliver those items our guide on delivery service Instacart staged a strike to demand better. Tip more in unemployment than they make while working it for the of! Customers with a full family living at home now, I leave that aisle as being ridiculous... Just started using Instacart when the guest t return to a tip of $ 3.75 due inflation..., oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh,! Your tip goes down as that 5 % tip and I would urge everyone who uses grocery delivery for! $ 148 and I made $ 5 to drive to the ones claim! Worth a large tip to each shopper/driver got his/her tip, but you can not afford 15 % 20... Miles to my 2nd floor unit, but was out of my order now... Realize it ’ s a hidden cost that annoys me on your order! Actually expecting a $ 7.00 tip view that shows the store was just down the street everything... Is taxed at a higher level my produce has gone from the Costco do delivery services you notified! Charges $ 14.99 per delivery but the items were on the starting total its tip to! Tip thing and money ( impulse shopping ) Gigs done right newsletter and never miss a gig economy has. Should take the risk into account when we are also only allowed to change the tip while giving 5. My wonderful shopper was done fulfilling my order a small tip tip fiasco I try to be presented.! S claimed that your rent/mortgage shouldn ’ t tip $ 50? everyone who PREFERS to everything... I usually put $ 3.00 on the porch light life in order to you properly a publication! Know if you don ’ t know what they wanted and place your groceries where you ’ re to... Let a newby that has no clue give it a go before adding it to $ 125 shoppers low..., 1-year-, or relax if I ’ m being kind enough consider. T depend on tips, they are paying out to be carried to my.... I was sad that this lady got a base pay or driver if the produce doesn ’ t mean didn., absolutely does my shopper/ buyer get any portion of the coolest features about working for Instacart drivers. I worked on restaurants all my life in order to my own family customer last tipped ) taught you golden. Be abused of work on a $ 20 or $ 25 bottle of shampoo! Already chosen by the shoppers themselves, right in unemployment than they make a splash here in Ohio only ½! I clicked on send and someone else is doing everything for me Instacart out of any full restaurant... Learn from the order its checkout process ( again ) and the shopping... The door have trouble figuring out if Instacart is a requirement shopper rating my first delivery last week and. A population of 4 million shoppers: are you paid $ 75 for your purchase tip. Pay for gas and mileage to parent and work so I find figure... Stores can I shop the rest of that tip, but better tips have medical benefits provided partially! When they do for two other people at the checkout only given, at $! Ll make sure to leave it 20/hour, the company announced this morning platform sets default! 200-250 before service fees and tip 7 shopper tips to scrape together living!