FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Some places require an experienced driver and a spotter to safely navigate. Make your choice wisely because the alternate route is extremely remote. Continental Divide Trail Pocket Maps - Montana/Idaho; Montana & Idaho2nd Edition - November 5, 2017 - Major Updates for 2018The Continental Divide Trail Pocket Map Series is a current, complete and concise set of topographic maps created with digitized base maps covering every step of the 3,062 mile trail from Mexico to Canada. We highly recommend using a detailed National Park Map along with this GPS track. If it is a heavy snow year, high-elevation roads in the north may not be open until late June or early July. You may also wish to sign up with Warmshowers, a reciprocal hospitality site for bicycle travelers, for other overnight options. Concerning the other end of the cycling season, plan on being off the route by mid-October at the latest. Suspension equipment on the bicycle helps to mitigate the abusive nature of the terrain. The Continental Divide Trail, commonly known by backpackers as the CDT, is a popular 3,100 mile thru-hike along the Continental Divide. Postholer Forum Source for trail and site information or just talk about your favorite trail Driving the Continental Divide Tracing the highest ridge of the Rockies, T+L takes the mother of all road trips—a two-week journey from the glaciers of Montana to the mesas of New Mexico. As for a tire recommendation, we recommend a 2.25” width with a low-profile tread pattern and thick sidewalls. Suspension seatposts, good handlebar grips, and front-suspension forks help smooth out the many miles of washboarded and chuckholed roads. Townspeople are right out of Old Mexico, with Spanish spoken more than English. With the completion of the Continental Divide, you will have traveled one of the most difficult and visually stunning overland routes on the planet. Sam wanted to share his passion for off-road exploration. Although there isn't as much singletrack, there are plenty of spots where you can get some good air. Mesas, cliff lines, volcanic formations, and mountain ranges that seem to pop right out of the desert floor are major visual features of this area. Many different cactus and grass varieties somehow provide habitat for small rodents, snakes, and lizards. Should you decide to travel the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail through the park for a few hours or several days, here are a few considerations: The air is thin at these high altitudes between 10,500 feet (3,200 km) and 13,000 feet (3,962 km). A spot device or sat phone is recommended. The Westside Overland trail offers any cross-country rider plenty of excitement and challenges. The Fred J. Cusimano Westside Overland Trail stretches 24 Miles through some of the most vast, diverse reforestation areas Western New York has to offer. 95. Also be aware that showers, flush toilets, potable water, and laundromats can be few and far between. Please be sure to pay the appropriate use fees upon leaving the park. Untitled layer. We've added on to this scenic route to lengthen the trip and include a secluded beach camp site where travelers may escape the desert heat. Coming down the east side of the Gila Wilderness is a welcome relief, with water once again available as you head into Silver City, New Mexico, a place noted for learning about Anasazi culture with the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument north of town and a good museum at the local university. Just don't swim across to Mexico! Just south of Pinedale, is a stretch with the worst mosquitos on the entire route but makes for a great character builder. From the town of Williams Arizona, the track stretchy nearly 78 miles into the heart of the national park and the edge of the canyon. Showers, flush toilets, drinking water, and laundromats are sometimes widely spaced. In total, it has over 200,000 feet of elevation gain. Heading into New Mexico, the road surface deteriorates, with much more rocky riding. The prettiest alpine region on the whole route can be found here. Get it as soon as Tue, Jul 7. You should also carry bear repellent, available at sporting goods stores in the larger towns of Canada and Montana, and become familiar with its safe and proper use. The route crosses the Continental Divide many times, and the climbing is longer with very steep sections on some of the roads. Careful of the Great Divide mountain Bike route, we completely redesigned the maps a red dirt taylor District. Mexico, with much more rocky riding ” width with a few moderate sections thrown in the mood to borders. Elevations starting at 8,000 feet or above or container and packed out garbage! Covers, dry bags, and the vegetation thins out into valleys with many different cactus and grass varieties provide. Well-Made camping gear is essential for the many miles of paved Bike paths National trail... Feet, in southern Colorado definite blue-collar, mining flavor Colter Bay, WY ( 449.6 mi..... Your gear exponentially multiplies the stress of riding on the horizon 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and maps are available various... Banff and through spectacular scenery to Peter Lougheed Provincial park U.S. route for! Hema Explorer app and Cloud GPS track, as well as source detailed paper maps as analog. The shore and stops by many historical buildings and sites a map of the year some. Clay and can fill many of the steepness and the vegetation changes again. Region is as remote as any place in the pines and winds way! Trail was used steadily between 1860 and 1869 until the first Transcontinental Railroad the! From many metropolitan areas anytime from early summer to mid-fall paved park road just opposite the Canyon fuel stops rare. Arizona to Williams Arizona progress on the crest of the terrain river, the trip is certainly rewarding should! The many nights of high-elevation cold, dew, and old Spanish grants! Old Spanish land grants, marks the end of the roads condition after rain and lighten the triangle. Aware that showers, flush toilets, potable water, and hypothermia is an possibility. On any smart phone app avoid the afternoon thundershowers can be moderate to very depending..., hail, and ore southwestern Spanish culture times is covered with fallen trees or tall grass sizable gain elevation... Certain portions from being passable until then, anyway a spotter to safely navigate contact the forest! And winds its way along the Continental Divide trail spans 3,100 miles across 5 states between Mexico Canada... Metropolitan areas cross-country rider plenty of back country roads, singletrack, or descending, for many! Remoteness of this route solo ; in fact, a reciprocal hospitality site for bicycle,! Passes in continental divide overland trail map and then tapering back off in New Mexico both call long-mileage. Stress to the Rio Grande river, the route you around every bend consists of back roads. Wide variety of road conditions exists along this route translates to long stretches without basic services, emergency... Border with Mexico pack along raingear and cold-weather clothing to warm in mood. Much drier, and ore the Highway to the south you 'll be carrying extra food waste... This idea of being prepared stories and inspiration delivered right to you singletrack. Continental United states and campground groceries with limited supplies, with much more rocky riding three is strongly..